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“The mark of a truly elegant woman is her hands (and feet)!” (anonymous)

Here at Regina’s we think so too! Your hands are on show all day long – and beautifully styled and conditioned hands and nails (and feet and toe nails) are always in style.

Caring for your nails

We’ve all heard the advice that nails need a breather, and that every so often, you should

leave your nails naked, ‘au natural’. It’s supposed to be “good for them” …..except it isn’t!

The fact is that nails need all the

protection they can get – so it is a good idea to keep them covered with base-coat treatments and colour.

At Regina’s we use C&D polishes and we also offer Shellac Power Polish. We offer both full and express manicures and pedicures:

Express Manicure
Express Pedicure


We also offer Shellac treatments in the salon. Shellac has been around for some time now, and unlike gels, it promises a nail-friendly, smudge-proof finish that is easy to apply and requires no sculpting or filling.

However, Shellac must not be applied to nails that have been damaged from previous nail treatments, so our salon beauty experts will advise if you perhaps need to wait until your nails have repaired before going ahead with a treatment.

The benefits of Shellac are:

  • Applies like polish
  • Mirror Shine
  • Zero dry time, no smudges
  • Flawless for up to 14 days
  • Removed in minutes
  • No nail damage
Shellac finger colour nailsShellac French Polish
Shellac toe nails colourShellac Toe French Polish 






Set it and forget it. Practical and fearless. the Shellac girl never worries about her nails ’cause they always go the distance. Improve your Nails with an Armour that says ‘see you in 2 week. Two weeks of glorious indelible shine and colour that lasts and lasts.

And no dry-time UV-curing lets you reach in your purse the second they’re done. Removal is a snap too-10-minutes with no soaking, scraping or sanding. Everything you heard is true!!!